Lowest Price in HistoryHaunted coffin minature dollhouse with tiny ghosties inside-4 model collection

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Specification:  Sitting alone
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Handmade basswood coffin. 3d printed furniture and kitties. Hand sculpted polymer clay ghosts. Other random items: scrapbook paper, super glue, wood, stati grass, foam, and scenery greenery

Coffin shaped miniature dollhouse. Coffin and furniture are resin. Ghosts are polymer clay. The pathway and headstones in the cemetery are made with polymer clay. The grass is static grass, and vines are roots.

Hand painted ghost on the front of the coffin!

please remember this is extremely delicate, handle with care and light touch.

Coffin dimensions:
10 cm long
4.5 cm wide
3.25 cm tall

About the Shipping

This dollhouse is all handmade and hand painted, the processing time will depend on the product requests, please don't set high expectation about how long this takes.