Pet Cats Tunnel Interactive Play Toy Cat Bed Dual Use Indoor Toys Kitten Exercis

Color:  Black
Size:  M fits cats up to 9 lbs.
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About this item

· Sturdy, Eco-conscious & Cat-friendly: The sunshinlife Cat Cave is made with durable, non-toxic, and odor-resistant materials, ensuring it maintains its shape and withstands regular use. Its cat tunnel bed, constructed from selected wear-resistant felt material, prevents fluffy ball formation and allows for safe scratching and rubbing. With all-season versatility, the sunshinlife Cat Cave provides a cozy and comfortable donut bed and tunnel, offering year-round enjoyment for your feline companion.

· Versatile & Roomy: The sunshinlife Cat Cave is perfect for larger cats up to 20lbs, including popular breeds like Maine Coons, Ragdolls, and British Shorthairs. It provides ample space for relaxation and play. It's also suitable for small dogs such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, French Bulldogs, and other small breeds, offering a versatile and comfortable retreat. The spacious design accommodates various pet sizes, making it ideal for multi-pet households.

· Interactive play: Enhance the bond between pets and owners with the small peephole window in the donut bed up top and tunnel bed. This feature encourages engaging and fun-filled interactions, allowing pets to curiously explore and interact with their surroundings in a delightful way. The sunshinlife Cat Cave promotes interactive playtime, fostering a stronger connection between pets and their owners.

· Easy to clean: The sunshinlife Cat Cave offers convenience when it comes to maintenance. The tunnel bed below is detachable, allowing for easy cleaning. Simply vacuum, rinse, or hand wash the cat cave using warm water and detergent to ensure proper hygiene. After cleaning, let it air-dry for a fresh and pristine appearance. Cleaning the cat cave is effortless, enabling your furry friend to enjoy a clean and tidy space with ease.

· Stylish and practical: The sunshinlife Cat Cave features a contemporary design that seamlessly blends with any home décor. Available in light gray, dark gray, blue, and pink, it offers versatility to match different interior styles. With a recess for extra storage, it combines style and functionality, serving as a cozy hideaway with a donut tunnel bed for your beloved pets.

· Dual-function design: Combining a donut bed up top and a tunnel bed below. This unique combination offers interactive play and comfortable sleep for your cats. The hide & seek track provides engaging playtime, while the cozy enclosed bed ensures restful slumber. With this versatile design, your cats can enjoy endless fun and relaxation. Whether they're exploring the tunnel or lounging in the donut bed up top, caters to their playtime and relaxation needs in one multifunctional solution.